A Ninja Birthday

5 year old boy blowing out candles on his birthday cakeQUESTION: Would you hire a professional photographer for a birthday bash?

ANSWER: Why wouldn’t you?

Let’s talk about documentary-style photography. You want to capture all the birthday memories, but as the mama, you have the food and cake, the favors, the organizing (before, during, and after), then checking that everyone is having fun. And is it too much to ask for you to have a little fun, too? Have you ever realized, too late, that no one took pictures? Or worse, your pictures are blurry or dark. Yikes.

A professional photographer will take that one stress off your plate. Plus, you know you’re going to get amazing and print-worthy images. And how about this – buy some cute frames and you’ve got yourself party favors everyone will love (and no worrying about dietary restrictions)! Here’s a whole page of make-your-own frames. What a fun party activity!

My sister told me they were building a ninja training course for their little guy’s birthday. How could I miss it? And I certainly couldn’t show up without my camera ­čÖé

They’d recently felled a tree in the backyard and weren’t ready to move it. Knowing Jo Jo loves ninjas,┬á the idea to build a training course wasn’t hard to come by. The work itself only took a few hours and it was SO worth it!

Tons of kids had hours of fun (did I mention some of the adults did, too??). And I captured it all while everyone else enjoyed the party. Easy peasy!

Hiring a photographer is never a necessary thing and for a lot of folks it’s not a priority. But every once in a while do me a favor and put it on your “to do” list. Photos on your phone and online are great – super easy, convenient, yadayada – but they don’t make for great prints. There is evidence that seeing photos of themselves displayed in the home helps kids grow a healthy self-esteem. Family photos on display can lead to a deeper sense of belonging. Does that surprise you? Nope.

As a mama you’re growing your babies into healthy adults who are deeply connected to their family and community.┬áDocumentary-style family photography plays right in to these findings. Most people’s best loved photos are taken during some special family event. Maybe at a family barbeque, or from one of those fishing trips you took every Sunday. These are the moments a documentary-style family photographer captures.

So let me ask again: Why wouldn’t you hire a professional photographer to capture amazing photos of your next birthday or other special event?


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