Mother’s Day Special!

It’s time to celebrate you, Mama!

Whether it’s your first Mother’s Day or your fifty-first,  you deserve a special treat, and I’m gonna give it to you!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now… I could offer you a discount. Or I could schedule some special mini sessions, or something else along those lines, but, no. That’s not what I have in mind, and here’s why:

Think back to your last family photo session: You spent a pretty penny on the session. You got all spiffied up, then you posed and smiled, and hopefully you connected with your photographer, then you all went home. A  couple of weeks later you got an email that said your photos were ready. Woohoo!

And the images were gorgeous. Your littles looked adorable, you and your honey looked amazing, so, naturally, you wanted ALL of the pictures! Maybe you spent a little more for the whole lot of them…

Now, fast forward to today and tell me – how many prints did you make?

Ahhh! You see where I’m going with this? Even the images you LOVED are probably somewhere on your hard drive and haven’t seen the light of day since you posted them on Facebook. It happens all the time. Most of my clients admit to it. Heck, I’m guilty of it, too.

The thing is, those beautiful photos deserve to be printed. YOU deserve to see your beauties made into art and hung on your walls! With that in mind, here’s my Mother’s Day treat for you:

Purchase a documentary-style family session and receive one 11 x 14 fine art print!

Father and mother and their two sons flying a kite at the edge of a sand dune.

An 11 x 14 fine art print turns your beautiful portrait into an ageless art piece. You already know that professional prints last for decades, but these are much more than that. They are printed on beautiful, weighty art paper, and the inks used are archival quality, vibrant pigments. You deserve only the best, so I’m offering these prints as a little something special because you are one amazing mama.

What next? Contact me before Mother’s Day, then let’s make some magic!

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